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For Inter-Town Games, the official schedule is located at this website:

You can filter the list for only your team


September 3, 2019

To all Cadet and Post Cadet parents,

This year we are changing the way we share schedules for the season.  Since there are multiple towns with multiple scheduling systems, we have agreed to try one that all the towns will share.  The link for this website is:

Once there, you can filter for your age group – If you are Cadet, you will be in Boys or Girls 3-4 (those are the grades).  If you are in Post Cadet, you will filter for Boys 5-8 (grades 5-8, since it is a mixed girls / boys team, we are entered as a Boys team).

To get to this website in the future, you will have several options:

  • You can bookmark it now to get to it in the future
  • If you go to your Team site, we are looking to add it to front page of each team
  • If you go to and click on the “Recreational Soccer” Menu item in the left side menu, there will be an option to select “Intertown League”

(note, the last 2 items are to be added over the next day or two)

We are still finalizing the whole season but the first two weeks are on the schedule.  There are a handful of games with TBC (To Be Confirmed) but they should be updated in the next day or two.  We should be done with the rest of the season over the next week.

Thanks for your patience on this as we introduce a system that helps keep everyone aligned on game updates.

Best Regards,

Tom LeChard