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East Windsor, NJ
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East Windsor PAL is pleased to offer membership in Little League baseball.   We follow the little league ciriculium available at


Our overall program is based on the concept of inclusion and consistency.  We offer standard Little League tee-ball and baseball for ages 4-13.   At 6, kids have a choice to stay in teeball or move up to the next level.  The next level, Rookies, is coach pitch for 2 innings and then kid pitch for the final 2 innings.  this introduces the kids to batting and pitching.   At the minors and majors level, it is entirely kid-pitch.   50-70 is a transition from the typical little league dimension of the bases (46-60) to a slightly larger dimension prior to moving to the 60-90 dimensions played in middle school through the MLB.   

We are pleased to showcase our all-stars in various tournements throughout the summer.   

EWPAL also has travel programs in the spring and fall that are under our oversight.   

EWPAL provides bats for each team, but we recognize that kids may buy their own.   If you are in need of a glove or cleats, please see the pal office for supplies.  All boys should provide their own jock/protective equipment.

Outdoor practices begin when the fields are dry enough for us to use them.   That is usually late March/early April.   

We will have an opening day ceremony, picture day and a league event at the Trenton Thunder.  Don't miss this event as our kids get to go on the field and have a great time.   

Our coaches and assistants are volunteers that go through a little league and PAL background check process.   

We look forward to seeing you on the field.   


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All winners, please expect an email or text from EWPAL Little League fundraising team to send you your winnings! Congratulations to all of the winners thus far!  
We still have a little over 5 weeks of raffle numbers to pull. Lots of chances for families to win! If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your support!


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updated 5/28/2021