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 Pivoting Basics
See video demonstration

A pivot involves stopping and then moving one foot forward for a front pivot, or dropping a foot backward for a back pivot. This basketball drill shows an important fundamental movement to master for any basketball player. Remember to stay on the balls of your feet with your head up.

 (Pivoting Basics).
  1. Get your players in the ready position - Protect the basketball, bend legs, feet shoulder width apart and one foot slightly in front of the other.
  2. Tell your players to visualize that one foot is nailed to the floor.
  3. Players should rotate their body forward (forward pivot) then rotate their body backwards (backward pivot) keeping their knees bent and head up.
See video demonstration

Review the two most common basketball violations that we are seeing (walking and double dribbling) with your players.  

  • Dribble, Stop, Pivot drill - Have your players dribble the basketball all around the court, keeping their heads up and not bumping into each other.  Upon your command have them stop, then tell them to perform a forward pivot then backward pivot.  Explain to them that in a game they would need to pass or shoot the ball because they stopped their dribble.