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 Rebounding Fundamentals
See video demonstration

Break down the mechanics of how to rebound.

When a player shoots the basketball do the following:

  1. Find the player you are guarding
  2. Perform a front or rear pivot
  3. Establish contact with that player
  4. Maintain contact - slide to keep the player from getting around you
  5. Release with your hands up
  6. Grab the ball and protect it
  7. Pivot to the outside and outlet the ball

Practice Drill

  1. Pair your players up by ability.
  2. Establish an offensive and defensive player.
  3. Have them perform the mechanics of rebounding (that you demonstrated) on your command.  Go have speed.
  4. Switch and let the other player have a turn.
  5. Now have the offensive players move around before you tell them to box out.
  6. Correct mistakes.
  7. Finally, have a coach take a shot at the basket and have the players box out and rebound.