Prevent youth crime by providing youth between the ages of 3 to 18 with supervised athletic, and social development activities. Encourage participation and support by the community in PAL programs to help build a solid foundation for our communities' fu

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 The fundamentals of performing a layup
See video demonstration

*The beginner division should focus on using the backboard to make a shot.

Break down the mechanics of a layup to your team:

  1. Dribble to the basket, keeping your head up
  2. Plant the opposite foot
  3. Drive your other knee into the air
  4. Jump off the plant foot
  5. Raise the ball with the shooting hand
  6. Extend up through the basketball
  7. Your target should be the upper corner of the box
  8. Release and follow through with the wrist snapping forward

Practice Drill
Proper footwork - One, two and finish drill.
Line up your players with a ball and have them face you.  Let them demonstrate the mechanics of the layup as listed above and shown below.  See video demonstration.

Have your players do this a few times.