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East Windsor, NJ
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 Shot Fake
See video demonstration

Break down the mechanics of how to shot fake.

  1. Stay low and balanced - As if you are getting ready to shoot the ball.
  2. Sell the shot fake - Eyes on the rim
  3. Fake taking the shot - Ball to chin (shot fake should come up to your chin so you can stay on balance and go by your defender)
  4. Overall, make it look like you are going to take the shot

1.Give each player a ball.
2.Go through the mechanics of the shot fake.
3.Have each player demonstrate them.
4.Form two lines (just like layup lines).
5.Have the first person in line pass the ball the the first person in the other line.
6.Offensive player should shot fake then drive to the basket and take a shot or layup.
7.Correct mistakes.