Prevent youth crime by providing youth between the ages of 3 to 18 with supervised athletic, and social development activities. Encourage participation and support by the community in PAL programs to help build a solid foundation for our communities' fu

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Skill of the week is PASSING.  
  • Teach the skill of the week (Passing).
    Sit your players down on the court and teach them the fundamentals of the chest and bounce pass.  Please demonstrate the steps involved doing each.  If you are not familiar with these steps or need a refresher, please watch the player development video called “
    The fundamentals of the chest pass”.
  • Have your players pair up and practice the chest and bounce pass.  Correct them when they deviate from the techniques you just taught them.

  •  Start on one sideline and have them dribble down and back.  Do this three times.
  • Layup lines - Create two lines.  One line for shooting and one for rebounding at the top of the key (use two floor dots).  One player will dribble up to the basket and shoot the ball, the other will rebound.  Bounce pass the ball to the next person in line using proper technique.  Players should switch lines.