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 Dribbling - How to Dribble a Basketball
See video demonstration.

  1. Skill of the week (Dribbling - How to Dribble a Basketball).
    Give every player a basketball.  Go through the following steps (one by one) in performing a proper dribble.  Coaches should demonstrate each step.  

    1. The dribble stance - knees bent, head up, non-dribble hand protecting
    2. Dribble hand - utilizing the finger pads for control of the ball
    3. Elbow pop - powerful extension of elbow when driving the ball into the ground
    4. Pound the ball into the floor for quick return to the hand
    5. Cushion the ball with the finger pads and wrist during ball return
    6. Dribble location - dribble should be just ahead and to the outside of your ball side foot - you can use a floor dot to show dibble placement

      If you are not familiar with these steps or need a refresher, please watch the player development video called “Dribbling 101 - How to Dribble a Basketball”.
  • Drill - Dribbling in place
    • Each player should have a ball.
    • Line them up so each player is facing you.
    • Using the technique they just learned, have them begin to bound the ball into the floor.
    • On your command have them switch to their other hand.  Do this a few times
    • Stop
    • Do it again but make them switch to the other hand and back at a faster pace.
    • Ask them how many fingers you are holding up to make sure they are keeping their heads up.
    • Putting it all together - Finally, have them dribble forward to half court, stop (keeping there dribble alive), switch the ball to the other hand and back, call out how many fingers you have up then continue dribbling to the sideline.  Do this once or twice reinforcing the techniques just taught.
  • Layup lines - Create two lines.  One line for shooting and one for rebounding at the top of the key (use two floor dots).  One player will dribble up to the basket and shoot the ball, the other will rebound.  Bounce pass the ball to the next person in line using proper technique.  Players should switch lines.