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 Tournament Rules & Regulations

 Sanction, Eligibility and Registration: This tournament is NJYS approved. It is open to teams registered with a National Association and a league affiliated with the USSF or National equivalent. No select, tournament, or teams formed solely for the purpose of tournament play are allowed. . Players must hold current 2013/2014 player passes.  No secondary player passes are allowed. Up to 3 guest players are allowed.  Maximum roster size for teams playing on a small sided field is 14 players, for Full-Sided teams U11 to U15 is 18 players.
Age group birthdays: U15: [8/1/98-7/31/99], U14: [8/1/99-7/31/00]; U13: [8/1/00-7-31/01], U12: [8/1/01-7/31/02],
U11 [8/1/02-7/31/03], U10 [8/1/03-7/31/04], U9 [8/1/04-7/31/05], and U8 [8/1/2005-7/31/2007]. Note: U7 Players may only play on a U8 Travel Team providing a majority (50% +1) of the players on the team are U8. U10 Teams May Not Play in an older competitive age group.
Team Requirements: A photocopy of your USSF validated team rosters with jersey numbers added, including guest players, medical release forms, and valid player passes for the 2013-2014 seasonal year for all players including guests (and permission to travel if required) is required at registration time which is Friday 6-9PM or one hour before game time with permission of the tournament director. NO EXCEPTIONS. No roster changes will be allowed after Registration All validated player passes matching your roster must be presented to the Field Marshal before the start of each game. NO PASS, NO PLAY, NO WAY!!  Barring disciplinary action, passes will be returned after each game. 
Teams must report to the Field Marshal on the appropriate field 20 minutes prior to game time for player and coach pass check, player equipment check, and the coin toss.  No player will be allowed to participate if wearing jewelry, except as allowed by USSF. No casts of any type are allowed.  Knee or other type braces with external buckles or straps must be covered with the soft material that was supplied with the brace. Doctor’s notes will not be accepted for players wearing casts. Splints, if wrapped, and headgear with hard visors may be only be worn at the discretion of the referee. The home team for coin tosses, and shirt color conflicts is the team with the lowest numerical designation on the Tournament Flights Chart, and will be required to change jerseys in the event of color conflicts. All shirts must be matching in color, and individually numbered. Full FIFA specified shin guards with socks covering are mandatory. Footwear will be checked. Full-sided games will start with 7 Players present (one of which must be a goalkeeper) and small-sided games will start with 6 Players present (one of which must be a goalkeeper).  No warm up time will be given on the field of play.  If the required number of players are not present within 10 minutes of the scheduled start, the game will be determined a forfeit. If an ineligible player participates the game will be forfeited, and the team subject to disqualification from the tournament. The non- forfeiting team in any forfeited game is awarded a 3-0 win
Games: Each team U11-U15 is guaranteed two games normally consisting of two 25-minute halves. Games are allotted 60 minutes; if a game starts late it will be shortened to end on time. The tournament committee may alter the length of any game.  The winner in U11 and older age division games which end in a tie will be determined by kicks from the penalty spot on a field allocated for these kicks. Time will be kept on a running clock. Teams U8-U10 will play three 35 minute games and those games may end in a tie.
Game Rules: Games will be played under FIFA laws as modified for Youth by the USSF, USYS &NJYS, unless specifically modified by these tournament rules.  U13-U15 age groups will use size 5 ball; others will use a size 4 ball. Fields will comply with the minimum or maximum sizes recommended by US Youth Soccer. Maximum Score: All teams are asked to display good sportsmanship and respect the spirit of the game by not outscoring their opponent by more than six goals. Scores of more than a six goal differential will be penalized in the tie-breaking formula.
Substitutions: May only be made on Own throw in, prior to a goal kick, at half time, or following a goal.  Players issued a caution (Yellow card) may be substituted at the coaches discretion (one for one) but no replacement player will be allowed on a Red card ejection.  When play is stopped for an injured player to receive attention by Coaches and/or Trainers, the injured player must leave the field; the injured player may only return to the field with permission from the referee. The opposing team may substitute on a one for one basis when a player is removed for an injury. Coaches are requested to be especially vigilant for concussion injuries.
Awards and Standings: U8 -U10 (8 vs. 8 games) all players will receive Participation Awards only. Standings and/or recording of scores will not be done and tie games will not go to kicks from the penalty spot. U11-U15, 1st. and 2nd. Place teams will receive a Tournament Trophy and all players will receive a Tournament Patch. Exchange of Club patches, pins, etc. is strongly encouraged at the post game handshake.     
All teams U11-U15 will play two games. When teams are competing in a four team flight, the winners of the first games will play each other to determine first and second place. The losers of the first game will play their second game to determine third and fourth place. If the first game or the championship game is tied after regulation time, kicks from the penalty spot will be taken on a different field (set-up for this purpose). For bonus points; the game will still be recorded as a tie, but the winner after kicks will be awarded and additional goal in the score. Winner of the “Winners” game is the Champion and the loser is the second place team in the flight.  U11 –U15 Flights when there are an odd number of teams competing, the following point system for award determination will be used to break ties in the standings after all games are played:      1. Win = 3 points   2. Tie = 1 point for each team   3. Loss = 0 points.       
Bonus Points: If, after applying the point system described above, two or more teams are tied for 1st place or 2nd place in flights with an odd number of teams, “Bonus Points” will be applied to break the tie as follows:
  1. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for a shutout (including 0-0 ties).
  2. Head to head result if the teams played each other.
  3. The winning team will be awarded one bonus point for each goal scored in head to head up to a maximum of three (3) per game, minus one point for each goal scored against them by the other team again to a maximum of three. Thus a team winning the game 3-0 would receive the maximum of three bonus points, a 4-2 winner would get one bonus point and a 6-4 winner would get zero bonus points.           
  4. One (1) bonus point will be deducted for each goal over a differential of 6 (six) per game,.
  5. Two (2) bonus points will be deducted for each Red card issued to a Player, Coach, Coaching Staff, OR due to Team Parents or Spectators behavior.
If a tie remains in the standings after “Bonus Points” steps are applied they will be broken as follows:
  1. Least goals allowed
  2. Penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA rules
The team with the most number of points will be the champion and the second most points will be the runner up In case of a three-way tie, once a step is used to determine the tie-breaker, the process must continue to the next step and may not revert back.
Referees: All Referees will hold current 2014 USSF Registrations.  There will be 3 referees for each game U-12 and above.  U-11 will have 3 refs if available.  All U8 - U10 (8 vs. 8) games will be played on a small-sided field with one assigned referee who may use a club linesman from each team (at the discretion of the referee). Referee decisions are final, No Protests will be allowed for referee decisions, or for decisions of the Tournament Committee.
Behavior: THIS IS A COURTEOUS PARENT TOURNAMENT. COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF PLAYERS, COACHING STAFF, AND PARENTS. Spectators, Parents, Players and Coaches are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and letter of the law and may be ejected for unruly behavior, offensive language or dissent.  Players or Coaching Staff awarded Red cards during game play will sit out the remainder of that game and the next if still scheduled. Unruly Parents will not be permitted to return to the fields.  Red cards will be reported to the team’s State Association within 48 hours of the end of the tournament. 
Team Field Position: Spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field from teams.  Coaches are not allowed behind the goal lines or across the half way line. No coaching will be allowed from the Parent/Spectator side of the field or behind the goals. Violators are subject to dismissal from the game area.
Refund of Tournament Entry fees: If the tournament is cancelled for any reason prior to the start of the tournament, a minimum of 80% of the team’s entry fees will be refunded.  Reasons for cancellation may include; weather, field availability, or a Tournament Committee decision.  No refunds will be given to any team who chooses to withdraw from the tournament after acceptance by the Tournament Committee. There is no makeup date scheduled.
Golf Cart Policy:  Golf carts used during the tournament may only be operated by persons holding a valid New Jersey Drivers License.
Tournament Committee: Al Grupper, Lisa Lynch, Sharon LeChard, Melissa Zisa,, Jacque Cammaratta,, Jillian Koppel. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the Tournament.  This includes rule interpretations, rule changes, and schedule changes. Committee decisions are final!   
The Tournament Committee, East Windsor Township, East Windsor Regional School District, and the East Windsor Police Athletic League are not liable for any accidents or injuries incurred during the Tournament.