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Some common soccer terms:

Assist- The pass that leads to the goal.

Advantage - Referee allows play to continue when the team against which an offense has been committed

will benefit from such an advantage.

Center Line (midfield line) - Line that divides the field in half along its width

Clearing - Playing the ball out of the defensive area of the field

Corner Arc - Marks the area in the four corners of the field, from where corner kick must be taken.

Corner Kick - A direct free kick, awarded to the attacking team, after the ball goes out of bounds over the

end line, having been last touched by a defending player.

Cross- A pass from one side of the field to either the center or the other side of the field

Direct free kick - A kick awarded on a personal foul that can score directly from the kicker's foot.

Drop ball - A means by which a referee puts the ball back into play after a temporary suspension of play,

when neither team is awarded possession of the ball.

End Line - The field boundary running along its width, at each end. Also called the goal line.

Finishing- To finish means to score. Finishing differs from shooting, because shooting refers specifically to

kicking the ball with the foot. Finishing or scoring may occur by use of other parts of the body (head, knee,

thigh, etc)

Foul - A violation of the rules resulting in a free kick.

Goal - A goal is scored when the whole of the ball crosses over the goal line, between the goal posts and the

cross bar.

Goal Area - The area of directly in front of the goal, marked by a rectangular box.

Goal Kick - An indirect free kick awarded to the defending team, after the ball goes out of bounds over the

end line, having been last touched by an attacking player.

Heading - Striking the ball with the head.

Indirect free kick - A kick awarded on a foul, that cannot score directly from the kicker's foot, and must first

be touched by another player.

Juggling - Keeping the ball in the air, off the ground, without the use of the hands.

Kick off – Officially begins play at the start of the game, the beginning of a quarter or half, and restarts play

after a goal has been scored. The ball must move forward in a kick off.

Marking- To guard, or to take defensive responsibility for an opposing player.

Offside position - A situation in which there are not two defensive players between an attacking player and

the goal, at the moment a ball is played. An offside penalty is called, if in the opinion of the referee, the

player in an offside position was involved in active play by; interfering with the play, interfering with an

opponent or gaining an advantage by being in that position.

Out of bounds - Occurs when the whole of the ball crosses outside the touch line or the end line.

Penalty box- This is the area where the keeper is allowed to use her hands. Also, any foul in this box that

would result in a direct kick results in a penalty kick. The top of the penalty box is referred to as the 18 yard


Penalty kick - Awarded if the defending team commits a foul in their own penalty area. Fouls are usually

(but not limited to) for tripping, pushing, or handling the ball by players other than the goalkeeper. Taken

from penalty spot.

Pitch- The playing field

Red Card - An ejection, or sending-off offense.

Receiving - Getting a pass from a teammate.

Save - A deflection or catching of the ball by the goalkeeper, to prevent a goal.

Throw-In - Throwing the ball back into play, after the opposing team causes the ball to go out of bounds,

over the sideline. The ball must be thrown from behind and over the head and both feet must remain on the

ground throughout the throw.

Touchline- The sideline, or side boundaries of the field.


- Bringing the ball under control and bringing it to a stop.

Transition- Making the change from offense to defense or from defense to offense.

Yellow Card - Also known as a cautionable offense