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East Windsor, NJ
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East Windsor PAL Recreational Soccer
 Parent/Player Rules
Dear Parents/Guardians:
The E.W. PAL has established certain rules for soccer games.  These rules are based on guidelines and recommendations established by FIFA (the international governing body of soccer), US Youth Soccer, and other youth sports organizations.  These rules are meant to ensure the safety of the children, and to allow coaches, players, referees and spectators to enjoy the game and fulfill their roles.  Your understanding in complying with and enforcing these rules is greatly appreciated.
  • Player Equipment/Dress:
  • Wear Team T-shirts to all games.  Shirts should be tucked in.
  • All players MUST wear shin guards, which MUST be covered by socks.
  • NO JEWELRY (necklaces, watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc) may be worn during games or practices.  Pierced earrings will have to be removed prior to the game – “taping over” pierced ears will not be allowed.
  • For boys/male players, the use of an athletic supporter is strongly recommended.
  • Please have your child bring a bottle of water, or sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.) to all games & practices.
  • Slide tackling is not permitted in any division below the Senior divisions (Instructional, Pre-Cadet, Cadet & Junior).  Players may be yellow-carded or red-carded for slide tackling at the discretion of the referee.
  • At all levels above the Pre-Cadet Division, parents and all other spectators are requested to view the game from the opposite side of the field from the players and coaches.  In addition, no spectators are permitted to view the game from behind the end line/goal line.  Please remember that no one (including coaches), are allowed to enter the field of play, without the permission of the referee.
  • For the safety of the players, parents and all other spectators are asked to maintain a minimum five (5’) foot “safety zone” from the field of play (Unless the area around the field prohibits maintaining a five-foot zone.  In this case, spectators are asked to maintain as wide an area, as is reasonably possible).
  • Please be respectful of all referees, coaches, players and other parents & spectators.
Thank you for your encouragement and support.