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East Windsor, NJ
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East Windsor PAL Indoor Soccer Rules
1. There are no off sides.

2. Balls can be played back to the goalkeeper, who than pick it up.

3. Goalkeepers can not punt the ball. Goalkeepers can not throw the ball past the midfield line, unless the ball hits the floor, wall or a player first, if this happens thi opposing team will receive a free kick from the point wheret he ball crossed the-mid field line.

4. Balls hitting the ceiling are dead balls, The opposing team receives a free kick from point on floor under where ball hit ceiling.

5' All free kicks are   indirect, the opposing team must give 5 yards of room when kicks are taken. The only direct  kicks ares tarts at the beginning of half's and after scores, Goal kicks are also directs

6.In case of a penalty, penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the foul line. The goalkeeper and the person taking the shot will be on that half of the field, all other players will be on other side of midfield. This is a one shot deal.
7. Substitutions I a. unlimited subs b Sub on the fly like hockey c. All players must play at least a half

8' Fighting will not be tolerated. Anyone fighting will be expelled from the program, no refunds, no exceptions.

9. Do not allow children to run around in the schools during the games or practices, also the kicking the balls around in the halls.

10 Equipment needed sneakers ands hin guards are required. You may suggest knee pads. Safety goggles are reconfirmed glasses should not be worn as a safety precaution. No jewelry can be wom during games.

1 1. There are 6 players on the field ,5 plus a goalkeeper. You can start a game with a minimum of 4 players. If one team is short players the opponent should loan them a player till the rest of his team or enough players show up that you can take your player back.

12.Parents and players should arrive 10 minutes before the games start time.