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East Windsor, NJ
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Late 9s at East Windsor

5 team, 3 game min

Saturday Championship - Nottingham vs. Sunnybrae at noon.   Sunday IF game is noon if Sunnybrae wins.   Good luck to both teams.



Team Date pitched Name pitches thrown Next available date
Bordentown 17-Jul Matthews 29 18-Jul
Bordentown 17-Jul Hrebik 38 19-Jul
Bordentown 17-Jul Traynham 34 19-Jul
Bordentown 17-Jul brusnahan 1 18-Jul
Bordentown 18-Jul Ramos 47 21-Jul
Bordentown 18-Jul Liberman 17 19-Jul
Bordentown 22-Jul Matuey 45 25-Jul
Bordentown 22-Jul Schivano (44) 31 24-Jul
Bordentown 23-Jul Ramos 73 28-Jul
Bordentown 23-Jul Hernandez 36=>35 25-Jul
Bordentown 23-Jul brusnahan 11 24-Jul
Nottingham 17-Jul Kostro 75 22-Jul
Nottingham 17-Jul Gargione 15 18-Jul
Nottingham 17-Jul Carabelli 9 18-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul Peach 67=>65 26-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul Rogers 77=>75 27-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul O'Rourke 33 24-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul Carribelli 16 23-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul Garigione 14 23-Jul
Nottingham 22-Jul Kell 5 23-Jul
Robbinsville 17-Jul Kaushal 51 21-Jul
Robbinsville 17-Jul Jakubowski  48 20-Jul
Robbinsville 17-Jul Ellingson 11 18-Jul
Robbinsville 18-Jul Aras 75 22-Jul
Robbinsville 18-Jul Patel 45 21-Jul
Robbinsville 18-Jul Ellingson 24 20-Jul
Sunnybrae 17-Jul Marchetti 50 20-Jul
Sunnybrae 18-Jul O'Rourke 63 22-Jul
Sunnybrae 18-Jul leonardo 35 20-Jul
Sunnybrae 22-Jul Marchietti 77=>75 27-Jul
Sunnybrae 22-Jul Girard 8 23-Jul
Sunnybrae 22-Jul leonardo 33 24-Jul
Sunnybrae 23-Jul Lyon 57 26-Jul
WW 17-Jul Chu 47 20-Jul
WW 17-Jul Shelat 42 20-Jul
WW 17-Jul Popovic 36 20-Jul
WW 22-Jul Chu (1) 61 26-Jul
WW 22-Jul Shelit 20 23-Jul
WW 22-Jul Popovic 46 25-Jul