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East Windsor, NJ
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To all,

As we near the start of the 2020 Fall season, we are getting some questions on what the season will look like given COVID 19.  I would like to share a high level overview that answers some of the more common questions and to also share how these guidelines are developed. 

In general, here are some of the key highlights.

  • Everyone, players and spectators must wear a mask when walking between your car and the field or walking on the complex.
  • Once players get to the field, they can remove their mask, if they wish, right before they start to warm up.  Spectators and coaches should keep a mask on.
  • Teams and parents of the players should all be on one side of the field with the Home team on one side and the Away team on the other.  Players and Coaches should be at the center of the field and spectators on either side of the team.  Players when not playing in the game should remain 6 ft apart while resting.  
  • We ask that when possible, keep the number of spectators to just 1 parent per player to help reduce transmission opportunities.  Spectators should remain 6 ft apart, families can stay together but should be 6 ft away from others.
  • Once the event is over (game or practice) players should put on a mask to walk back to the car.

These guidelines are based on New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS), the govenring body of youth soccer for NJ.  NJYS follows guidelines given by both US youth Soccer and the NJ Governors office as to when they move between the different phases of Soccer participation.  Current stance of COVID19 regulations can be found at  Feel free to browse this website to learn more about the guidelines.  As of July 6th 2020, NJYS has implemented Phase 4 regulations which allows for practice scrimmages and games.  For the last 5 weeks, there has been a number of tournaments held following these social distancing protocols.  We will continue to monitor NJYS for any issue that arise.  As long as NJYS remains in Phase 4 or higher, we will continue to host games.

East Windsor PAL plans on strictly enforcing these guidelines.  If you see people not following them, please let me know so we can take further action to reinforce the guidelines.  The Rec Soccer program is optional, each family needs to assess their comfort in playing given the described protocols and weigh that against the social development and benefits of physical activity.  For those families with kids in 3rd grade or higher, playing other local towns, we have had meetings aligning to the same NJYS guidelines to help drive consistency at each location.

With that said, Registrations are still open, we have enough currently registered to have teams in just about every age group except the Jr and Sr 3M teams (covers grades 7-12).  I know the middle school has cancelled sports programs so Rec Soccer could be an avenue to continue playing if you are looking for an opportunity.  We are looking to begin assessing number of teams and assignments in about another week so if this has helped answer some of your questions, please log into EWPAL and sign up soon.  The season will start the weekend of Sept 12th.  If you have further questions, please reach out to me and I will help answer any questions you may have.


Tom LeChard

EWPAL Rec Soccer Director

If you have any questions please email