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East Windsor, NJ
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East Windsor Teams

Early 7 Tourney - June 25-July 11th - HTRBA

Late 7 Tourney - July 15-July 25th - @611

Early 9 Tourney - June 25-July 11th - Robbinsville

Late 9 Tourney - July 15-July 25th - East Windsor 

12 District Tourney - July 2-11th - East Windsor

12 Sectionals - July 18-July 25 - Sunnybrae

12 States - July 29-August 3 - Cherry Hill


12 Late Tourney - July 15-30th - West End

Team roster

Age   8/9u 12u
Manager   Peterson Shannon
Coaches   Damore Moraitis
Coaches   Zacour Polgar
Coaches   Brasil Drews
Players   Brasil Boswell
Players   Brown Drews
Players   Damore Fernandez 
Players   Fama Francisco
Players   Kana Gonzalez
Players   Moraitis Moraitis
Players   Oliva Polgar
Players   Patel Rulewich
Players   Peterson Shannon
Players   Whittington Thompson
Players   Zacour Whittington
Players   Zacour  
Alt     Rincon


Congrats to 2018 East Windsor 9u baseball team for winning the 9u Early Tourney, and winning late 10u in 2019.  Looking forward to what 2021 will bring for the 12s!