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EWPAL PostCadet Boys Team 1 -Game- Sat 9/18 EWPAL Field H 1:45pm
by posted 09/17/2021

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the errant message earlier this am, I currently coach two teams for PAL. 
We had a good first game last week and good practice on Wednesday. This weekend we have a game on Saturday 9/18 1:45pm on EWPAL Field H. We are home so please wear Blue Shirts. Bring both just in case, plenty of water, cleats, socks and shinguards, and ball. If everyone could arrive 20 minutes in advance 1:25pm for warm ups that would be great. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
The inter-town league is still updating times for the games we will obviously not be playing at 4am in the morning. Thats too early for me and most likely most people. The schedule is blocked out for the days of days and the hosting town/team is suppose to update the schedule. If everyone could check back that would be great and I plan to provide weekly updates regardless.  
For reference:

Since we are playing in the inter-town we will be traveling between 15 - 25 minutes for away games. Below is a link to match schedules filtered for our team only:

Reminder Parents: We have an extremely large roster that so we will be shifting the boys a fair amount to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Fortunately, I am getting help from one of the teams parents during practice. But still wanted to let everyone know if we could find another 2 people willing to coach and attend practice. We could field two teams (joint practice and ensure that we maximize playing times. Please reach out to me if you are interested, I would be happy to educate anyone on the game so experience is welcomed but not critical.
See everyone tomorrow!
Coach Chris

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by posted 09/14/2021

Hi Everyone, Practice tomorrow Wednesday September 15 at 5:30 PM on Feild H. Please contact me to volunteer to contribute to coach and assistant coach. See you soon. Thanks, Chris


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Fall 2021 Team 1 Post Cadet Boys - Game 1 and Season Planning
by posted 09/09/2021

Hi Everyone,
Hi my name is Chris Chrissotimos, and I will be coaching your sons this Fall's Post Cadet Boys Soccer program as part of the inter town league. We are Team 1. 
For many of your sons this is another season of experience for them but it will provide exposure to more advanced competition. There is always something new to learn and develop and the intent is provide a good and fun, challenging experience through skills, practice, and weekend games to continue development.
We are the only 5/6 grade team and have a large roster this season so we will be rotating players a fair amount to ensure everyone has game time. I am asking for everyone to have patience in advance while we look into potential solutions.
I am working with our Soccer Sports Director to see if there is an option to field a second team to try to optimize playing time. We are looking for another coach and a couple of assistants to help with our efforts, so if anyone is interested please let me know.  Regardless if there is more than one team, I would like to still prefer to hold group practices to facilitate training, development and for flexibility for coaching coverage and shared knowledge benefits. 
Schedule wise we have games on  Saturdays and possibly Sundays with varying start times. We will be mostly on Field H for Home games. Below is a link to the field map and link for easy reference.
Since we are playing in the inter-town we will be traveling between 15 - 25 minutes for away games. Below is a link to match schedules filtered for our team only:
Please ensure that your son has both their red/blue pal shirts, socks, cleats, and shinguards to ensure that they are protected from potential contact. Ideally everyone should have a Size 4 ball (5 will work if that is the only option) at this level and helps during drills while working on their skills with minimal waiting time. If you do not currently have a ball or shirts, I believe they are available through PAL for small fees.
As mentioned above, We are looking to set up a weekly practice(s) starting next week and have put our request in with PAL and will provide more information as soon as we know more.
This weekend our game is Saturday September 11th at 1:45 pm on Field H and we will be wearing Blue since we are Home (but would encourage that everyone bring both shirts for flexibility.) Please arrive 20 minutes in advance for warmups (1:25pm). We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday and for a great season!
Coach Chris

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Fall 2021 Post Cadet Boys - Intertown League Schedule
by posted 09/07/2021

For Inter-Town Games, the official schedule is located at this website:

Filtered for Boys 5/6 - East Windsor

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